This app is built for 3 types of users:

  • Designers - they create the original templates for you.

  • Managers - they approve and share templates with your users.

  • Browsers - they see the templates in a gallery, but can’t change anything.

Any of your university’s Admin Users can grant you access to Template Builder in your Users app. There are 3 permission levels:

SuperUser - can do everything. This user will typically be your university’s senior manager of recruitment, whose job is to share newly-designed email templates with the occurrences that they have access to.

Read Write User - typically the Designer (probably works in an outside agency OR in your university's Marketing team, but they are not necessarily familiar with using Student CRM), whose job is to create new templates, and add them to draft folders only for the senior manager to approve/share. The Designer can view but can't add templates to published folders and also can't edit published folders. The Designer can create new draft templates and new draft folders but can't update a template or a folder to 'published'. Agency designers can have access to Template Builder alone and not see any other apps on their My Apps page - ask customer support for more info.

Read Only User - can search, view, preview, but not create, update or delete templates or folders. This user will typically be a member of your recruitment or marketing team. They will be inspecting what is being worked on but can't affect anything.

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