Please note: This tab is only available if your establishment is using the Agent Portal.

This tab is used to manage the documents you've shared with your Agents, such as VISA, or accommodation information.

The overview shows all the documents, when and with whom they were shared, and any accompanying messages.

You can share a new document from this page. Provided you have permission you can also edit or delete documents by clicking the Pencil icon.

Add a new document

All documents are shared from an occurrence of Document Library. To add a new document, follow this guide within the relevant Document Library occurrence. 

Share a Document

To share a new document, for example, an updated campus map, or amended VISA guidance, click the Plus icon.

Using the Quick Search bar, search in Document Manager for the document you want:

Select the document, and then choose with whom to share it.

Fill out your message, click the check box, and click save. Your document will now be shared with the person or people you've selected.

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