The Agent Portal is the way that your Agents can submit and interact with applications. You can also use the portal to share documents and other information with your agents.

Please note: The "Dashboard" and "Documents" tabs will only show if you have enabled the Agent Portal.

Setting up Applications submission for Agents

To use the Agent Portal, firstly an Agency must have an Applications occurrence assigned to it. Then an Agent must be granted access to the portal.

To set up the Applications occurrence for an Agency as a Super user, see this article.

Giving an Agent access to the Portal

To give an Agent access to the Agent Portal, go to the Agent's profile and click the Grant Access button. You are also able to revoke an Agent's access at any time, by click the Withdraw Access button.

Once an Agent has been granted access, they're emailed a link to create their account and set up a password. They are now able to log into the Agent Portal. For more information on the portal, see this article.


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