Creating your Survey is very simple. To start with click the Plus icon, then fill out the basic details of your survey.


Here you can design the look and content of the survey pages. Don’t forget to put “[xxxquestions_blockxxx]” on the Survey page!

Note: To add a master page template, you’ll need to get in touch with CS to add this for you.

Survey Builder

Here you can add new questions to your survey, rearrange the order and preview the completed survey.

There are three “survey building blocks” and six types of questions available.

Building blocks

  • Title - The header of a question section
  • Text Block - an area to put some text about the questions.
  • Page Break - a split between questions, putting anything after it on a new page.


  • Select single - This allows you to use radio buttons or a drop-down list to get a single answer.
  • Select multiple - This allows you to use check-boxes for participants to select many answers.
  • Free text single line - This is a text box the student can enter a single line of text into.
  • Free text multi line - This is a text box the student can enter anything into.
  • Rating single question -  This gives the student a single question to rate their answer from 1 to 10.
  • Rating question grid - Similar to the single rating, this gives many lines for a student to rate different things.

Each question can be marked as required or not required, or required based on another condition.

Each question and text block can be marked as always displayed, or displayed dependant on a condition.

 You can also preview your survey:

Surveys should primarily be made up of multiple choice answers as these are the best to analyse. The text entered into the free text area can be downloaded for manual analysis.

Finally, to set your survey live, click "Launch this survey". The survey will enter the "ready" status, which means that it will become live at 0800h on the start date you've set. If the start date is in the past, then the survey will become live the next day at 0800h after launching the survey.

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