Anything you do in Contact Manager is recorded and tracked against each individual as an activity. All activities for people working within the same organisation are then aggregated under that organisation. This builds a useful contact history between you and the people you maintain working relationships with.

The Activities tab is found under the main contact or organisation record card.

There are 8 types of activity that are recorded:
Bookings - This is when a person has booked onto an event hosted by the establishment.
- This is when a person downloads a campaign sent to them.
- These are recorded in the list as their specific type, eg "email", but come under the Comms heading when using the filter.
- This is when someone has added a note to a person or organisation.
- These show general changes made to a person or organisation.
- These are tasks you've created with relation to a person.
Import -
- This is when two or more records have been brought together to reduce duplicated information.

Click on the magnifying glass icon to view more about that action.

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