Congratulations on your brand-new and shiny Agent Manager and Agent Portal.
Take a look at the brief overview of what you've just got your hands on.

If you're a Super User, there're a few things you need to do under the hood before your officers and agents can get stuck in.

Set up your Agencies

Your Agencies may have been imported already - if so, great! If not, take a look at this article for help in creating an agency.
If your agents are going to be using the Agent Portal, you'll need to make sure they can send in applications. At this point, you'll need to follow the first step in this article, and associate the agency with an Applications occurrence.

Setting up Agents

Again, your Agents may have already been imported into Agent Manager, but if not take another look at this article for guidance on how to add an Agent. 

Setting up Agent Portal

If you're not using Agent Portal to help your agents submit applications, then you can happily skip this step.
If your agents will be submitting applications using the portal, then you'll need to follow the rest of this article. Here you'll see how you can change the colour and branding of your portal, alter the T&Cs agents will have to accept, and amend what information and help you offer them.

What else can I change under the hood?

There're a few more settings to look at within the Set-up tabs.
To organise your agents by your defined geographical territories, take a look at this article.
To set up the default email template for sending one-to-one comms to your agents, have a look at this article.
You'll also want to take a look at the Consent tab, and ensure you've got an applicable consent that covers your agreement with your agents, and the Applications tab, which sets which web form your agents use to submit proxy applications.

Giving Agents access to the Portal

Again, if you're not using Agent Portal, feel free to ignore this step and the one after. But if you are, it's rather crucial. See the second section of this article for details on how to give your Agents access to the Portal.

Helping your Agents use the Portal

So now you've got your Agents, their Agencies, and they have access to the Portal. Take a look at this article to guide them in their use of it.

Tinkering and fine-tuning

There're only a few things left to cover, such as communicating with your agents and sharing documents with them. You may also want to look at adding notes to your agents or changing them into main agents, setting agency alerts, or creating tasks around your agents. Finally, you can delete your agents and agencies, or you could just amend the status (last section of this article).

There we have it! You're now set up and all ready to get started with your brand new Agent Manager and Portal. We hope you get plenty of applications from your new app, and if you have any questions, please ask our Customer Support team.

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