Are you recruiting as effectively as possible? Measure against built-in, industry-standard KPIs each week and share updates via private or public Dashboards.

  • A truly set-it-and-forget-it subscription app. Once you have selected your KPIs and built as many dashboards as you want, it runs automatically.

  • Share your Dashboards online (PIN-protected).

  • Tab through data week by week.


Q. How many KPIs are avialable?

A. There are 16 built-in KPIs ready for you to use straight away, see:

Q. How often does it measure our performance?

A. Weekly. Each week's data is also stored for historic trend analysis.

Q. How do I know what target to set in a KPI? Is 20% good or is 90% good for the KPI 'FCR (Form Completion Rate)'?

A. Each KPI comes with its own default target, so you can use them immediately. Your performance will then measure how far under or over you are, compared with the default target. The default targets are set based upon millions of anonymous data points we run.

Q. Why would I have more than one Dashboard?

A. You might want to share one Dashboard with your Marketing Team, containing just 2 of the 16 KPIs: TCTR - Touchpoint Clickthrough Rate (the % clickthrough rate of Email TPs) and CCTR - Campaign Clickthrough Rate (the % clickthrough rate of Email campaigns).


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