You can choose from any of the standard built-in fonts that come with Student CRM or, you can upload your own font. Your own font may well work for a lot of email clients but not for Gmail.

Upload your own font

To upload your own font, you'll need to have a font ready (a TrueType 'ttf' or OpenType 'otf' font), and then you just upload it in the Fonts tab in your Establishment Card as follows:


Q. Which fonts came built-in?

A. Arial, Courier New, Georgia, Helvetica, Tahoma, Lucida, Times New Roman, Trebuchet MS, and Verdana. These are web-safe fonts and should look good in your students' email clients.

Q. If I upload a fancy font will it work in our students' email clients?

A. Yes and no. Fancy fonts may well work for a lot of email clients but not for Gmail. Gmail does not support fonts other than our safe fonts above. It doesn't even support its own Google Fonts!

Q. But fancy fonts work on our university website, so why not in email?

A. The code to display a web page is not quite the same as the code to display an email.

Q. Fancy fonts are risky then?

A. Yes. To play it safe stick with our web-safe fonts.

Q. Where can I get free TrueType fonts from?

A. From - all Google Fonts are open source, without cost, and free for commercial use (like recruiting students to your uni). Yay!

Q. Where can I get free OpenType fonts from?

A. Here is one site: but it's best to Google it.

Q. When I download a TrueType or OpenType font, what do I get?

A. Online. Make sure you can download a file that is a 'ttf' or an 'otf' (ignore the txt):

Q. I downloaded the font and it arrived with 6 variations, which one do I upload?

A. Start with the 'regular' font. Then, one at a time you can upload the others as you like. (TIP: Student CRM's formatting tools allow you to bold and italic any font, so you wouldn't usually upload the bold and italic ttfs.)

Q. What if the font I want is only sold on a subscription service, not a download?

A. Student CRM does not work with font subscription services. You can't upload it unless it is a 'ttf' or 'otf' file on your computer.

Q. How many fonts can I upload?

A. You can upload a maximum of 25 fonts.

Q. TrueType vs OpenType?

A. TrueType is thought to be better. Both work.

Q. When I choose to 'show' fonts in my font picker, how many must I choose?

A. You must have at least one font. TIP: For some designs, everything is done in the same font, so check which font(s) your marketing team uses. It might be one of the built-in common fonts in Student CRM.

Q. Last year we used 'Fonty Mc Fontface' but Marketing has now changed that to 'Newy McNewFace' for all new designs- what do we do?

A. Your old emails will keep going out using 'Fonty Mc Fontface'. Even if you stop showing 'Fonty Mc Fontface' when you upload the new ''Newy McNewFace' in your Establishment Card's 'Fonts' tab, the old emails will not be affected. However, as soon as you edit those old email templates in Template Builder you will no longer be able to select 'Fonty Mc Fontface'.

Q. Can I delete fonts?

A. Yes, you can delete any uploaded fonts. You can't, however, delete any built-in fonts. TIP: you can turn off any unwanted built-in fonts using the 'show' toggle so your email designers don't accidentally use them.

Q. Who owns the fonts (legal question)?

A. Free ones are licenced to be free for commercial use (like recruiting students to your uni) and the most common licence is the SIL Open Font License. Some fonts are under the Apache license or Ubuntu Font License. If you buy a new font and upload it, you paid for it and have the rights to use it as per the commercial licence terms in effect when you bought it.

Q. Where are the Fonts in our Establishment card used?

A. Today they are available in the Easy Builder in the Template Builder app. You use them to style headings, text blocks, and button texts. NB: The (old) Classic Builder in the Template Builder app does not use them. Touchpoints also do not use them.

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