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What are Comms?

How to use your communications channels in Contact Manager

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Comms (short for communications) include any communications you have with the person, e.g. emails, SMS, letters, phone calls, etc. For each channel used, the actual text of the communication itself, and the date and time it happened, is recorded as an individual activity. If a person is included in that bulk broadcast, i.e. they are one of 1,000 people all getting the same SMS, then every person will include a copy of that bulk message on the date and at the time at which it was sent.

You can only send an SMS to a person if they have a mobile phone number, and you can only send an email to a person if they have an email address. The icons for these tools will not appear if it is not possible to use them.

All comms that get added into Contact Manager are a permanent record of what took place, and cannot be edited or deleted by you or any other user. All comms activities for people working within the same organisation are then aggregated under that organisation in the Organisation’s ‘Activities’ tab.

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