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Which web browsers and email clients work with Student CRM?
Which web browsers and email clients work with Student CRM?

Ensuring we remain compatible

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Web Forms (supported browsers)

External student-facing content is accessible from outside the university by students on all major modern web browsers, specifically:

  • Chrome

  • Edge (Edge 96 onwards)

  • Firefox

  • IE (IE11 only)

  • Safari

  • Older Android browsers

Logged into Student CRM platform (supported browsers)

Internal user-facing pages are compatible with, and require the latest version of modern browsers:

  • Chrome

  • Edge

  • Firefox

  • Safari

And we ensure support of the previous version as well. 

Please note: As Internet Explorer has been officially discontinued, we will no longer guarantee support of IE11 for user-facing pages. Please upgrade to a newer browser.

Template Builder and Litmus (supported email clients)

Templates produced with the Easy Builder drag-and-drop editor are designed to be compatible with all modern email rendering engines, such as Gmail and Apple Mail. As such this editor does not support older clients, such as Outlook.

This support has been based on the idea of forward compatibility and decided on using the percentage of email opens across various devices and email clients, as per the graph below.

Similarly, the Litmus tests you see when previewing your templates have been chosen as a representative sample based on the same criteria. Below are the devices and clients which will be displayed:

Desktop email clients

  • Apple Mail 15

Mobile/ Tablet email clients

  • Samsung Mail

  • Gmail App (Android)

  • Gmail App (iOS)

  • iPhone SE

  • iPhone 14

  • iPad (Retina)

Web-based email clients

  • Gmail (Edge/ Firefox/ Chrome)

  • (Edge/ Firefox/ Chrome)

  • Yahoo! Mail (Edge/ Firefox/ Chrome)


  • Plain Text


Q. What if I still want to send emails to older clients, such as Outlook?

A. We recommend you use the Classic Builder editor, rather than the Easy Builder editor.

Q. Why do you not support Outlook?

A. Outlook uses an older rendering engine which does not support modern methods of email creation. As such the layout you see in Outlook does not accurately represent what you students will see when opened in a modern client, such a Gmail. It may be that your university is forced to use it as its chosen email client, but your students are simply not using it, per the pie chart above.

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