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What is the Birthdays app?
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The Birthdays app allow you to send a customised birthday message to students in the CRM.

You can send birthday messages by either email or SMS. There is also the option of sending via SMS with an email as the fall-back. This is useful if a student has not provided a mobile number.

Birthday messages are sent at 10:00 each day. We class these messages as marketing events, so they do not get sent to students who have opted out of marketing communications. You can also further limit which students receive birthday messages by only sending to students with a particular topic. See this article for more information.

There is also the option to set a cutoff point for birthday messages. This can be set to the number of months you feel appropriate, and is useful in preventing messages being sent to students who are no longer interested in your institution. For example, if the cutoff is set to 24 months, then a student will stop receiving birthday messages after they have been in the CRM for more than 24 months.

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