From the Birthdays setup tab, inside Birthdays settings, you can amend many parts of how the Birthdays app works.

Setup Birthday Greetings

Birthday Greeting Status

This sets whether the greetings will be sent or not.

Birthday Message Type

This sets if you will send only emails, only SMSs, or both.

Birthday Greetings Cut-off

Greetings will stop sending after this time-limit.

Send Greetings Only to Students with this Topic

From the drop-down on this section, you can choose a topic that will limit which students receive birthday messages. For example, you might have a "keep in touch" topic. Only students subscribed to this topic would then receive birthday messages from your establishment.

Email and SMS Greetings

Here you can set the From name and email, subject, content and template of the email greeting.

You can also set the SMS message to send out. If you'd like to change the From name for SMSs, please speak to a member of Customer Support.

Sending Birthdays SMSs add to your Establishment's SMS balance. Find out more about your SMS balance here.

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