An SDD (Scheduled Data Delivery) is an automated, regular delivery of data (or a ready-to-print PDF for labels) from Student CRM to a third party. The data/PDF is delivered by email as a link to a CSV/PDF. For extra security, the data file can be zipped and password protected.

SDDs can be created in the apps Rapid Response (RAP), Prospectus Request (PRQ) or Mobile Event Capture (MEC) and can be sent on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

You can choose which records to include in the SDD, by adding filters:

You can choose which fields to include in the data file - these are the available Student fields:

Student First Name
Student Last Name
Student Title
Student Email Address
Student Mobile Number
Student Address 1
Student Address 2
Student Town
Student County
Student Postcode
Student Gender
Student Opt In Email
Student Opt In Sms
Student Opt In Postal
Student Opt In Phone
Persona Name
Persona Short Code
Course Course Name
Level Level Name
Level Level Short Code

NB: In RAP, PRQ and MEC you also get a few extra fields to choose from.

Ready to print PDF for labels

An SDD can also create a PDF sheet of labels so that the team can print self-adhesive labels, eg for a postcard campaign. The data fields (name and address) are fixed, allowing for a deliverable postal item.

If you need to check whether a student has gone onto a SDD, you can do so by looking at the logs on their record card in Student Database:

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