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Sending Agents one-to-one communications by SMS or email
Sending Agents one-to-one communications by SMS or email

Communicate with your Agents through Student CRM

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You can send any agent an instant one-to-one communication. This is done from their agent card, by using the communication tools under the More Options dots. These tools are SMS and email.

Please note: If the Agent's email address or mobile phone number is missing, then the tools will not show.

The message details, including the content, is always stored under the agent's Activities Tab. It is also aggregated and shown as a part of the activity history underneath the agency they work for.

SMS messages can be sent to UK and international mobile phone numbers. For more detail, please see the FAQs here.

Sending individual SMS messages uses up your Establishment's SMS balance. Find out more about your SMS balance here.

A screenshot of the Agent card in Student CRM, highlighting how to send SMS & Email comms

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