After creating your segment in Campaign Manager, you can then turn it into a campaign.

Click on the segment result ID that you wish to use, then click on the Options menu (three dots) and select 'Create a campaign for these students'.

The numbered Bus Stops will guide you through the creation process.

Step 1: About

Here you set up the basics of your campaign: The name, how it'll send and a category it belongs to. You can also see the segment name and result ID that was used.

Click into these articles to learn about creating Scheduled Data Delivery or Download campaigns.

Step 2: Timings

This is where you set when the campaign will be sent. You can either schedule it using the date and time picker or have it send immediately. 

Step 3: Content

Here is where you compose your campaign message. Much like an email touchpoint, you can choose an email template, set the from name and address, create a witty subject line, and dazzle students with your amazing emails.
Or if you're sending an SMS, just fill in the SMS content:

SMS content can support emoji, plain text, merge fields and other special characters. SMSs can be sent to both UK and international mobile phone numbers. Find out more about international sending in this article.

Please bear in mind that when using merge fields in SMS messages, the content from the field may be longer and thus you may use more of your Establishment's SMS balance to send your message. See this article to learn more about merge fields.

Step 4: Preview

The final step before sending if to make sure the email or SMS looks as you're expecting. You can see the preview here.
You can also send yourself a test email:

Or a test SMS:

Please note that when sending a preview email, the first record in the list by CRM ID will populate the merge fields.

Step 5: Send

The "Send" step is one last chance to look things over and confirm that everything is correct before you hit Activate. Then your campaign will be sent (if it's immediate) or will wait patiently for the scheduled time before it sends.
Don't forget: If you've activated a scheduled campaign, but need to alter some details, you can just go back in before the scheduled send time, deactivate it, edit and reactivate (or re-schedule if the scheduled time has past).
If you've made changes to your segment since creating the campaign, don't worry. Before each send, the campaign forces the segment to re-run so it has the latest list of students to send to. Any alterations to the segment will be included in this updated list.

Step 6: Results

With Email campaigns, this step is where you can see stats such as the number of deliveries, opens, clicks and bounces. Find out more about Email results here.

If you made an SMS campaign, you'll be able to see the details of the SMS and when it was sent:

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