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Adding or editing an Agency or Agent
Adding or editing an Agency or Agent

Getting the details right on your external Agents

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If you want to add an Agency in Agent Manager, simply click on the Agencies tab and click the Plus icon. 

Adding an agent works in a similar way. Simply go into the Agents tab and click the Plus icon. 

Next, fill in the details and click save!

Adding New Values

Values for some fields, such as Departments or Relationships, can be created by a super user by clicking "add new". These can be anything that works for you. For example, you could add values such as "strong" or "weak" for the Relationship field.

Adding Photos

When adding photos, the image must be square and no smaller than 240 x 240 pixels, otherwise it won't display correctly. Images larger than this will automatically be resized down.

Agent or Agency Statuses

You can change the status of an Agent or Agency if you're no longer working with them, but wish to keep them on record.

Agents can be set to "No longer here". This is useful for instances where an agent has left the agency, but you'd like to retain their history. Agents with this status are excluded from Grabs to prevent sending unwanted communications.

Both Agents and Agencies can be set to "Do not use" to prevent their use in the future. When this option is selected, a "reasons" field will appear to make a note of why your establishment shouldn't use that agent or agency.

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