What is the Users App?

Manage access to occurrences and permissions levels

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The Users app allows User Admins to create, view and manage Student CRM users. This could be adding staff or managing student ambassadors. All users can see their own user profile, but only User Admins have access to the Users app, ensuring that access to important settings and sensitive data is controlled centrally by authorised people.


Each user has a profile which gives them access to particular Apps and Occurrences. Within each of these occurrences, a user can be granted:

  • No Access

  • Read 

  • Read/Write

  • Super User

This gives segmented control over which functions a user can access in the specific occurrence of the App. 

For example, in Enquiries, a Super User could change settings for the available Categories, but a Read/Write user cannot. 

A Read/Write user can respond to an Enquiry, but a Read only user can't respond - they can only view.

Only top level Super Users can access data Downloads and permissions must specifically be granted in order for a user to access Campaign facilities.

Users permission levels can be varied between Apps and Occurrences so each user can have an individually-tailored permission level depending on their responsibilities.

Please note: The Telephone field has validation to ensure it is a UK number, starting with "0". However, the EXT and Mobile fields are free from any validation, meaning they could be used for international phone numbers.


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