Now your data has been processed by the CRM, take some time to ensure the Import went well, and no records failed to Import.

Review your imported data project

The Import Overview provides you with information about the results of the data import.

Here we can see how many records the tool attempted to import, how many were successfully imported, and how many were rejected. It also displays the percentage of records Imported vs Rejected.


Click the "Download Original" link in the Attempted section. This will download a copy of the original CSV file, and includes all the records that were provided for the import.


Click the "View Records" link in the Imported section to jump to the App containing the successfully imported records.

Here you can see the app where the records have been imported into. From this view it's possible to perform a custom grab on the imported records if you want to do so.


Going back to the Import Overview, click "Download & View Errors" link in the Rejected section. This will download a CSV file showing the records which failed the import.

Open the Rejected file and look for the last column called "Errors". This will provide you with information on why the specific record has failed the import. Be aware there may be multiple error messages in this column.

View all Imports

All the data imports that are in  Draft, Finished, or Processing state are displayed in the Overview Window. If you need to exit the import, then it's automatically saved as Draft, so you can continue working on it at a later stage.

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