During the early stages of implementing Student CRM for you, we complete the basic project documentation together. This is then published online for all members of each project team to access throughout the project. These are the P-Docs:

  • P1. Implementation Fact-finder (DHT786) - Basic info so we can set up the establishment account in Student CRM.

  • P2. Stakeholders Register (DHT120) - A schedule of all the stakeholders.

  • P3. Stakeholder Priorities (DHT122) - Deliverables as prioritised by the Uni so as to avoid the impact of missing any deliverable deadlines.

  • P4.Contracted Deliverables (DHT134) - Lists exactly what has been ordered (and what hasn't), taken from our proposal paperwork.

  • P5.i-Score Table (DHT123) - The relative effort required by DH and the Uni for each app implemented

  • P6. Project Plan (DHT151) - A detailed plan of implementation for the Student CRM project.

  • P7. Project Gantt Chart (DHT127) - Very top-level Gantt of the whole project at a glance.

  • P8. Risk Register (DHT792) - Used to monitor all projects risks throughout implementation.

  • P9. Systems Catalogue (DHT787) - A list of the current systems in use. Some or all of these may be fully or partially replaced by functionality provided in Student CRM.

  • P10. Deliverables Tracker (DHT789) - Lists how many of the deliverables from P4 we have delivered.

  • P11. Project Communication Spreadsheet (DHT155) - A list of implementation queries sent into project+ email and moved into 'Completed' when done.

  • P12. Project Overview Deck (DHT156) - A deck shared with the client at the start of implementation.

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