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Project Contingency

You might not need it, but just in case...

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Projects such as implementing a new Student CRM can often be large and complex. It comes with the territory. We are used to it.

That does not mean they need be difficult however. With effective controls and experienced experts there is no reason that your Student CRM will suffer from:

  • a missed milestone

  • a reduction in quality

  • an increase in cost

We build in Project Contingencies at key stages where we know from experience they will most likely be drawn upon due to (unforeseen) circumstances.

If the project needs it, you will be glad it was there. If you don't ever use it you will join the elite club of Project Management Rockstars and we'll send you a T-shirt.

Wondering about those avoidable pains?

  • a missed milestone - ย - we are contractually tied to deliver when we agreed.

  • a reduction in quality - we are contractually tied to deliver what we agreed.

  • an increase in cost - we are contractually tied to only charge what we agreed.

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