These are the current fields that are used to map inputs from Unibuddy into the CRM:

These fields are used to match or create a student from Unibuddy:

Unibuddy Field   | Maps to | Student CRM Field
firstName        |         | Student.first_name
lastName         |         | Student.last_name
email            |         | Student.email_address
country          |         | Student.country_id
acceptMarketing  |         | Student.opt_in_email

These fields are logged in the student's activity log as a text note:


Consent update in Feb 2021 - Update #8938

Unibuddy updated their API to v2 which now clarifies the two separate permissions before chatting with an adviser in the widget:

  1. Consent to Process - for UniBuddy and your Uni to process their data.

  2. Permission to send marcomms - for your Uni to send them marketing communications via email.

1. Consent to Process

In order for the student (data subject) to give any personal data over in the Unibuddy widget, they must consent to Unibuddy (data processor) processing their data - otherwise the student can't use the widget and ask to chat to your ambassador: the student's data is required to provide the Unibuddy service.

Also, because your Uni is receiving that data via the Data Connection the student must consent to your Uni (data controller) processing their data. So far, their data can exist in both systems.

But consent to process is not yet permission to send them marketing communications - see 2 below:

2. Permission to send marcomms

Just before chatting to your ambassador for the first time, the student is also asked if your Uni can send them marketing communications later, via email.

The student can select "Y" or "N" and that value is passed into Student CRM in the acceptMarketing field. (This updates their Student.opt_in_email field as "Y" or "N".)

Communicating with your Unibuddy students from Student CRM

Make sure that any email marketing campaigns you send include the filter: Student.opt_in_email field = "Y" to avoid including students who selected "N" in 2 above.

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