Field Finder is a tool within the Data Manager App that allows you to see the fields in which data is stored in Student CRM. Currently, there are around 3,800 fields used to store your Student CRM data.

You can use the Field Finder, in conjunction with the Developer Centre, to understand more about what certain fields in Student CRM do. 

For example, if you needed to know how many characters you could put as the event name in Mobile Event Capture, you could filter by “MEC” and search for “name”. 

Above we can see the field is “event_name” and it’s a varchar type with a maximum of 255 allowable characters.

You can search and filter in a number of ways:

  • By App - Choose the app for which you want to see all the tables and fields. Please note that this will not filter the tables you can choose.

  • By Table - Choose the table you’d want to see. Most tables are prefixed with their App Shortcode. For help on what the shortcodes are, please see the Glossary.

  • By Type - Choose the data type you’d like to filter by. See below for a table of what the types are, what they mean, and an example. Many of the types with a maximum length, eg char or decimal, or a set value, such as enum, are shown with their details in parenthesis. So “decimal(8,2)” for CRS “domestic_fee” would mean you could have a price like £99.99.

  • By searching - the search box allows you to look for keywords within the table names, the field names, and the notes against the field.

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