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How does Student CRM handle other languages and character sets?
How does Student CRM handle other languages and character sets?
An easy guide to how the CRM handles information in other languages being sent in through your International Forms.
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Whether they're applying or enquiring, if you have a form being used by international students you may wonder how the CRM processes different characters sets and in which language your students responses will come through in.

As we run in 3-bit UTF-8, we support the Basic Multilingual Plane of Unicode. The Basic Multilingual Plane (BMP) contains characters for almost all modern languages along with a large number of symbols.

This means that we support nearly all languages and character sets, although we are looking at ways to upgrade this even further!

When it comes to how information is stored in the 'back-end' of the CRM, whichever language your student uses when completing your form is the language their answers will appear in the CRM.

Whether their answers are in English, Mandarin, Japanese or Arabic, any information they've coming through a form will come into the CRM in the same language it was submitted in.

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