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"New" or "Classic" Surveys?
"New" or "Classic" Surveys?

What the toggle does

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If your establishment purchased the Surveys app prior to February 2022, you might have noticed this toggle at the top of the Surveys app:

What does the toggle do?

This allows you to flip between the New Surveys view, and the Classic Surveys view.

Most users won't need to leave the New Surveys view

If you've created surveys previously then they'll be stored in the Classic view. You can the use the toggle to flip between the two views as you rebuild ongoing surveys, or to view the results of past surveys.

Is the toggle going to be removed at any point?

No. This is to ensure that you still have access to all the data you collected prior to the New Surveys view being launched.

Note: Establishments who purchase Surveys after February 2022 will not see the toggle.

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