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Ensure your forms are GDPR compliant and record that in the form's metadata

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Alongside Privacy Impact Assessment logging, very form gives the option of recording how compliant it is to your Establishment's Data Protection standards:

While those standards are down to each Establishment's individual policies, the platform has a place to specify your process for assigning compliance and recording it.

Setting up your GDPR Compliance Statuses

Inside settings, you'll find the GDPR tab which is where you can specify the versions of compliance that a form can be:

To add a new compliance, click the plus icon, then fill out the details of the compliance:

Using your Compliance Statuses

Your Data Protection officer can then use this Compliance Status to record how compliant the forms is.

Click the pencil to edit a form. You may need to select 'Work in a safe version' to edit the form.

Navigate to Step 2: Configuration and scroll down to the GDPR section.

From here you can select the correct compliance status, add the PIA details or add any comments from your DPO:

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