An 'immediate Touchpoint' is an email Touchpoint sent as soon as a student enters a workflow. These are useful for confirmation messages, such as letting the student know they've booked an open day place. However, take care when adding an immediate Touchpoint to an existing workflow.

There are two options for sending an immediate Touchpoint:

  • New additions only¬†

  • Existing and new additions

We recommend you use the "new additions only" option for most cases. This will only send Touchpoints to students who appear after the Touchpoint is set live.
If your workflow already has students on it and you select "existing and new additions", then that Touchpoint will send to all students on the workflow as soon as it is live, no matter how long they have been there.

For more information about Touchpoints, check out this article.
For more information about Workflows, take a look here.

Please note: SMS can be sent as immediate touchpoints. However, because SMS uses payments, we recommend that you only use immediate SMS in places that cannot get spammed, such as when an MEC form is filled out, or after an event has been attended.

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