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How do I create a new version of a Consent?
How do I create a new version of a Consent?

Updating your consent packs to keep them current with your establishment's policy

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There's two ways to create a new consent pack - by adding new or by cloning.

Adding a New Consent Pack

To create a new consent pack, click the Plus icon.
Here you can fill out your consent pack, and get a preview of how it will appear.

Consent name: This is the name of your consent pack
Consent affirmation: This is the tick-box label, for example, "Yes, I consent".
Consent info text: This is the text explaining what you'll be doing with the student's data, and a continuation of the affirmation above. For example, "ABC Uni to process my data accordance with GDPR and other relevant legislation."
Privacy policy link text: This is the text encouraging the Student to view your full Privacy Policy. For example, "Click here to view our Privacy Policy".
Button text: The text on the Submit button.

This is where you add the consent's privacy policy wording and type. The wording of each privacy policy must be added here even if you use the same across all policies.

The type can be Optional or Legitimate Interests. Find out more about ' Legitimate Interests' here.

Finally, you can set the status of the consent pack, and add topics to the consent. For more information about topics, see this article.

Once your consent pack has is live you can go back and edit at any time. To ensure your updated consents are applied to any forms they might be on, the forms must be republished

Cloning a Consent Pack

You can also clone a consent pack to make minor changes for a different form. Simply click the "clone" button on an existing consent pack.

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