Course Tags allows you to add a 'tag' to any course in the Courses App. This tag can then be used to identify a group of courses which can then be used in a specific way in another part of the CRM.

For instance, you may wish all students selecting a course with the tag 'No-Followups' to not receive a certain touchpoint or go on to a different workflow. You'll also be able to use Course Tags to create groups of courses for publishing on public forms.

How to add a tag:

'Edit' the course. Start typing in the tags box. Any tag you've previously added will appear in a list. Add a new tag by typing and separating each tag with a comma.

How to delete a tag:

Remove tags by clicking the x on the end of the tag:

How to use tags

In Touchpoints - When using these course tags in Touchpoint conditions, please ensure you use the "Contains (tags only)" option.

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