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How could I be preparing to recruit a new year of entry? (Advanced)
How could I be preparing to recruit a new year of entry? (Advanced)

An App-by-App guide to the new season's course activities

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Student CRM is designed to make preparing for recruitment of each new academic year as logical as we can. But it always helps to have a list to go through, so we've prepared a run-down of common areas and apps which need attention to prepare for recruiting future students.


If you need to make any changes to the course details for the new year, you can set all or some of your courses as Draft while you make those changes.

When you're done, make sure you've published all of the courses for the new year. If you don't they won't appear on your forms.

You'll also need to add intake months, particularly for use with Applications.


Not using Subjects yet? Read: How to Get Started with Subjects.

If you are using Subjects in 2015, then you will need to add your courses to Subjects for each year of courses that you have published. Here's an article on how to view Subject groupings for each year.

Pre-app Open Days

Make sure the target year of entry for your autumn open days is updated and if you are using course groups, that they include courses for every year that you want to target. The years of entry available on your Booking Form are set by default, but CRM Support can change reduce or increase this on your behalf. Just let us know.

Applicant Open Days

Remember that you need to set up a new Applicant Open Day season for each new year of entry. Send a request to CRM Support to set up a new Occurrence of Applicant Open Days for the new academic year.


Publishing your new year of courses and intake months will mean they appear on your Application forms. Remember that September entry for this coming academic year will not be available after 30 September.

Touchpoints and Public Forms

If you are reusing touchpoint content each year, you might want to make changes to the text or the email templates to reflect the new year's branding.

As with Touchpoints, have a look at your student-facing forms to see if you want to update the text or branding for the new year.

If you require changes to your public forms or email templates for the new year, please send your request directly to CRM Support. To help us get the changes made as quickly as possible, please include your branded header and footer images with your request.

If you need any more advice on getting ready for the new year, CRM Support are more than happy to talk about your university's plans for the next few months.

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