In order to set up your Personas, you'll need to go into the Settings cog in Student Database, which is located on the right-most tab.

Once you click into this you'll find a number of options for how you would like your Persona to be set up. For 'Student Avatars', if you select use default theme then you will have all your student avatars display as the standard colour and theme.

However if you choose 'use persona', the student avatars will display the theme for the Persona they have. This means that you can easily differentiate between different personas because each Persona would have its own theme.

Adding a Persona

Adding a Persona is incredibly simple. Firstly, you need to click the small + button within the settings for Student Database.

You'll then be presented with a screen where you'll need to input the Name of your Persona, the Short Code that will be used to identify that Persona (you must make sure your shortcodes are different for all your Personas), a short description about the Persona and it's status. In 'Draft', the Persona can't be used or applied to any students. This status is normally used when still setting up a Persona.

The last thing to do before hitting save is to select the colour theme for that Persona. Once you've done this, hit save and you will have created your Persona.


Q. Can I have different personas if my university is using more than one Marketing Unit?

A. Yes. You need to set up each Marketing Unit's personas separately by selecting the dropdown on that Persona page.


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