Do you want to collect more information on your prospective student?

Student CRM includes a feature called Personas - this allows you to attach a marketing persona to each student record upon creation or update in one of two ways:

  • Automatically assign a persona

  • Manually assign a persona

For example, Personas could be framed around the student's reasons for studying at university. Each reason would be given a different persona name* and description:

  1. Gaining Knowledge/Passion for subject = "Wise Owl"

  2. Student Life/Independence = "Social Bunny"

  3. Career Skills/Life Skills = "Soaring Eagle"

  4. Earning Potential = "Money Bee"

*These are entirely up to you, the examples here are just made up.

Automatically assign a persona

Personas can be assigned to each student automatically as they interact with Student CRM. For example: when a student makes a prospectus request the form can ask them about their motivation to study. A sample question on the form might be:

What's your main reason for studying at NFU?

  • I want to gain more knowledge in this area¬†

  • I want to get involved in student life and activities

  • I need to gain key skills to advance my career

  • I want to get a better job and earn more money

The student record will then be created with the correct Persona automatically attached. If they selected the first option they would be assigned a persona of "Wise Owl".

NB: The student does not see the persona the form selected.

Now, when they are sent automated communications or manual campaigns, the focus can be tailored for this persona. So they could be sent a marketing newsletter with a conditional section of text particularly focused on the University's research or academic achievements.

Manually assign a persona

Personas can be assigned to each student manually in their Student Record Card in the Student Database, as follows:

  • Personas are available in Student Database CSVdownloads.

  • Personas can be added to student record via a public form like Rapid Response or Prospectus Requests, directly on the student card, or via Data Importer.

Read more in How do I set up Personas?

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