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How do I add an opt-out link to Touchpoints, Grab and Campaigns?
How do I add an opt-out link to Touchpoints, Grab and Campaigns?

Making sure your students can stay on top of their contact preferences

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You can now add a link to the My Contact Preferences page in Touchpoints and Grab using mail merge fields.

You can also add the link to Campaigns created from the Student Database app (there is currently no support for Contact Manager).

To add the link, simply select the merge field "Opt-out Link" to insert the tag [xxxOptOutLink|update your contact preferences herexxx] into your email.

You can then edit the text after [xxxOptOutLink| to personalise your message.

Please note: it is only possible to add letters, spaces and numbers to the link text, so any special characters such as . , ' " / ( ) ? ! etc., will cause the link to not be functional when viewed in the email.

The method is the same for Campaigns created from Student Database, but you will notice that the link looks slightly different. Therefore it is important to not copy/paste the merge tag between Touchpoints/Grab and Campaigns.


Q. Why can't I use the Opt-out Link in an SMS?

A. There's two reasons for this - Saving you money and technical limitations.

  1. The Opt-out link uses the Student's UUID Short code to send the Student to their Privacy Center. This code is 25 characters long, and with the rest of the URL is nearly an entire message segment, which means you'd be paying for an extra segment on top of the message you want to send.

  2. The Opt-out merge tag is designed to bring in a pretty HTML link (e.g: Example!) rather than the raw URL (e.g: SMS can only take plain text, so it's not possible for the merge tag to display correctly in an SMS.

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