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How do I use Merge Tags?

Use mail merge to bring in students names, course or other details

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Click on the Mail Merge Fields icon ([...]) and select the desired field that you want to be inserted from the drop-down list.

The Mail Merge icon provides only basic Touchpoint tags, so you can send emails that start: "Hi Sam, great to catch up" and "click here to opt out", etc.

To ensure that your content is pulled in correctly by the app in question use these tags:

For a Campaign: {|replace_with_content|}

For a Touchpoint: [xxxreplace_with_contentxxx]

Because users have access to different merge tags, depending on where they are sending their campaign from, Template Builder doesn't know which set of tags to use.

The way to make use of the long list of app-specific tags is to clone one template per app and add in the tags from this article: Mail Merge Tags A-Z.

Each app has a built-in checker that the correct tags are used in that email template. When saving in the Content Editor, you will see a message warning you that some merge tags are incorrect and you are to correct them before saving.

Remember that when sending yourself an email preview, some merge tags will appear in the message, not the merged value. For more information about which tags will have a preview merge value, please check out the John Doe article.

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