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Enhancing your Touchpoints
Tips to fine-tune your workflows and touchpoints
Tips to fine-tune your workflows and touchpoints

Consider your touchpoints' timings, conditions and type before setting up

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When setting up your touchpoints for Events, Requests or Applications, it's important to think about your emails from a marketing point of view. Although these messages might be transactional in nature, we want to ensure they get the message across, loud and clear.

  1. Think about the timing of your email. In your workflow, consider when you want your users to receive the message. By getting into the mindset of the user you can consider whether this is an email they need to receive immediately, as a reminder in a few days, or 7 days prior to the booked event or next milestone. Also, consider the time of day. What are your students likely to be doing at 5pm or 10am? We can't tell you exactly what will work for your audience, but with the cloning tool you can test to your heart's content.

  2. Don't forget your subject line. Remember that you need to entice the reader to open, or they won't read the content. If it's important, required information that they need in order to progress, ensure the subject line encourages them to open.

  3. Touchpoints allow you to use Conditional Text. This is just a fancy name for a type of personalisation which only happens when the student meets particular criteria. For instance, you might want all students who've booked on to a particular event date to receive a special message about bringing their portfolio with them to an open day.

  4. SMS messages - An SMS reminder is a great way to ensure your message gets to students even when they might be en route to your event. A last minute reminder about registering on arrival, or perhaps use an SMS to welcome them to your event.

If you'd like to talk through the set up of your workflows or advice on where to use conditional text in your touchpoint, please send us a message through the green chat icon in the bottom right corner with us.

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