When you import data into either Rapid Response or Mobile Event Capture, you might want to import Subjects as well.

There are two fields in the header files:



subject_1, subject_2, subject_3

subject_of_interest is a free text field which does not update the central student record. This is could be used for record non standard subjects or custom subjects. You can only view and use this data within MEC or RAP.

subject_1, subject_2, subject_3 allows you to update the student record with a Subject from the Subjects list in your Courses app. It will appear in the 'Interests' list. Any text entered into this field must match a Subject name exactly, however the Subject does not validate against Year of Entry. You can also input a Year of Entry that doesn't yet exist in Courses & Subjects.

To learn more about the fields available for import, read more in Preparing your data for importing.

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