What is Data Importer?

Learn how to bring outside data into the system

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Data Importer is a powerful tool that allows you to import data into your Student CRM database. It should only be used by those with competence in data processing and all data imported should be 'clean' and acquired from reputable sources. Marketing permission preferences should be obtained for all channels (Post, SMS, Email and Telephone) prior to import.

Data Importer (one of the Data Manager tools) is designed to help you manage your data imports into:

  • Contact Manager (CTM)

  • Courses & Subjects (CRS)

  • Mobile Event Capture (MEC)

  • Rapid Response (RAP)

  • Student Database (SDB)

It provides you with a Guide XLS and a CSV header file into which you can transfer your data for easy to perform data imports. You have the flexibility of deciding which occurrences, events and workflows the data will be imported into.

Always pause your Workflows in the relevant App before performing Data Imports.

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