What is the Document Library?

Upload, store and share your documents

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The Document Library is an app that allows you to upload, store and share your documents in emails and other communications.

When you upload a public document, it will give you a short link like this: http://dhdocs.com/BSJE.

You can use this in one of three ways.

  1. Just show the short link in your email like this: http://dhdocs.com/BSJE.

  2. Use it as the URL behind a 'click here' 

  3. Add it to an image in your email, like this:

(Click the image to download the PDF.)

The following file types are allowed: pdf, csv, xls, doc, ppt, xlsx, docx, pptx, jpg, jpeg, png, gif.

There are two types of permission for documents:

  • Public - this is visible to anyone on the internet and should not be used for sensitive internal documents.

  • Private - This can be used for internal documents.

To make a document private, simply click the Private checkbox when editing or uploading a document. Private documents will not get a short link.

The Document Library also features reporting for each of your documents. The app counts the number of times each document is downloaded. This allows you to see the total number of downloads for each document, thus allowing you to identify popular documents. The last 30 days of download activity for each document is also displayed in a graph for easy viewing.
Document Library has unlimited storage space and a maximum single file size of 50MB.

Deleting a Document

Documents can only be deleted by a Super User. If you delete a document from the Document Library app, the document will be removed from the app, along with all the documents stats and information.

Anybody who follows the link to your document will be presented with a "File Not Found" page and will NOT be able to download the file.

Deleted documents are not recoverable and any public links will no longer work. We strongly recommend you only delete a document if it has not be downloaded in at least a month.

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