What is the Image Library?

Upload key graphics into the Image Library for reuse again and again

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Give your team easy access to banners, images, GIFs and templates by storing your latest assets in your university's very own image library.

These images can be inserted into any email campaign or touchpoint.

Simply click on the image icon in the toolbar, choose your image from your existing library assets or upload a new one. Double click to insert it into your template and resize it by dragging the corners.

To build your library, you can either upload the images directly from your computer, drag and drop the files, or by copying and pasting the URL into the upload box if it's already stored online.

The file limit for each image is 50MB.

Upload individual files or whole folders at once.

Uploading images from your desktop

Drag and drop images into the relevant file or click 'select files' and upload them from your computer that way.

Uploading images from an existing URL

Is your image already stored online? Just paste the URL into the upload box in the image library.

Resizing and positioning an image

To resize an image, you can either drag the corners to manually resize it, or double click on the image to bring up the image editor to set a specific size, choose a position on the page, add a caption or swap it for another image.

Organising your library

Organise your folders to make it easy for your team to find relevant assets.

Deleting an image from the library will also delete it for everyone else within your university who has access to the image library. It will also stop displaying in any emails or touchpoints.

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