When you set up Touchpoints for Prospectus Requests, you need to take into account the type of request that has been made.

Most PRQ forms will ask the student if they want a 'Download' of the prospectus, 'Postal' (a hard copy posted to them) or 'Both'.

Also, you might be taking Prospectus Requests for with more than one level of study - say Undergraduate and Postgraduate.

Your Workflows and Touchpoints will need to cater to requests for both UG or PG and also Download, Postal or Both.

So, you can either split your communications by Level of Study first, or Type of request. In this example, we will talk about the first scenario.

Your workflows will be split by level of study. This is done by adding a Workflow Condition of Levelshortcode = UG and Levelshortcode = PG.

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