The Student Record Card

The Student Database app (SDB) stores every student along with a record of everything they have ever done, in the Student Record Card. This data is updated in real time as the student opens emails, completes web forms, enquires, books onto events, applies, uploads documents, changes their mobile, and so on.

This information is sorted into separate tabs under the card, easily accessed using keyboard shortcuts "1", "2" etc.

1. Personal

Includes: name, address, dob, email, tel mobile, social media, nationality, occupation, residency status and unlimited tags:

BENEFIT: view and update key info quickly.

2. Courses

Includes: the latest course (year of entry, level of study, campus, faculty, code, etc) that the student is interested in - taken from enquiries, bookings, prospectus requests, applications, etc. Plus a whole audit trail of everything leading up to the current course of interest:

BENEFIT: easily see which course they are interested in, or have applied for.

3. Apps

Includes a list of all the student's enquiries, bookings, prospectus requests, applications, etc - just click the link to jump to each activity:

BENEFIT: view a complete list and click to inspect anything, no matter how far back in time.

4. Data

Includes: the IDs that link Student CRM to your other systems, the record creation and modified timestamps, where the student record originally came from (a web form, an API, Unibuddy, etc).

Underpinning all of this is the GDPR compliance evidence: consent given, topics subscribed to, channels (email, SMS, post and tel) that they have opened or closed and the exact privacy policy they signed up to all those years ago:

BENEFIT: know that every record is GDPR compliant, where it came from and what the student (Data Subject) allows you (Data Controller) to do with their data.

5. Tasks

All the tasks (yours and from other officers) that are directly related to this student, for example; "remember to call Penny back about her application tomorrow at noon":

BENEFIT: see at a glance if you still have outstanding tasks to complete.

6. Notes

Includes: the notes (yours and from other officers) that are directly related to this student, for example; "Student dropped in and spoke to Reception about studying Law here next year, I have told Recruitment Dept about it, Mimi, Reception Officer, 12 Jan 2021 at 13:45":

BENEFIT: jot down any notes you like, and all your other officers can read it when they view that student.

7. Docs

Includes: the documents (the student's and from other officers) that are directly related to this student, for example:

  • Enquiries where a student uploaded a doc they wanted to share with you

  • Applications - where an applicant uploaded some evidence to meet a condition

BENEFIT: check to see if you actually do have a document you thought should be there. Download any document to read it.

8. Associations

Includes: the associations that links this student to another person or organisation. For example:

  • Student is associated with another student (sibling)

  • Student is associated with an agent, or a agency

  • Student is associated with a teacher or a school

BENEFIT: see associated records and jump to them to view.

9. Logs

Includes: a log entry for pretty much everything the student has ever done. This is the complete audit trail. For example:

  • that a student clicked a link in an email last night

  • that an application came in from your Student Records System via the API at 4 in the morning

  • that the student changed their channels and consent this morning

  • (and what effect each log item had on the student's Engagement Score - did it go up or down?)

BENEFIT: if it happened it is here, along with all the details you need.

Looking for email open and close logs? These are now Hidden behind the "Show Stats" filter. Just click the check-box to display:

0. Sensitive

Access to this tab is permissions-based as it stores sensitive data that you may not wish every officer to view without being DPA trained beforehand.

Includes: gender, ethnicity and disability:

BENEFIT: it helps you to manage your DP compliance whilst also reducing the risk to your Data Subjects.

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