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Adding students to Workflows, using automations
Adding students to Workflows, using automations

In Automations Manager you can add any student to any RAP workflow.

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In order for a student to receive Touchpoint communications, they must be on a Workflow. In order to get onto a workflow they usually request a prospectus, book onto an event, submit an enquiry, apply, etc. They create an activity within the separate apps.

Another way of adding any student to a Workflow is to use Automations Manager.

How to

To add any student to any RAP workflow when creating your Automation, use this 'Create a record in' action:

Follow this example to see how it works:

Example - this Automation triggers whenever a student's Stage is updated to '3. Intends to apply', and it creates a record in RAP - Domestic Enquiries (ID:1073):

That new RAP created next adds the student to the appropriate workflow, in this example the SDB - Stage equals '3. Intends to apply', and adds it onto this Workflow:

And now that student gets all of the Touchpoints in that Workflow.

It should only run once

To stop a new RAP record from being created every time the student record is updated (for example, any new enquiry or PRQ, booking, etc by that student) we can prevent the Automation from running every time.

We do this by adding a tag:

Now that a tag has been added, the next time the student record is updated it will no longer meet both conditions because it will have had a tag "AMM576229" added the first time it ran.

This is how to ensure only one new RAP record gets created by this automation.

See the student's Activity Log

The log shows 3 items logged at 10 Dec 2021, 12:51.


Q. Can I create new records in any other apps?

A. No. Just RAP.

Q. Does the student always get all the touchpoints in that new RAP Workflow?

A. Not always. If any of the Touchpoints inside the Workflow have a condition like "is not enrolled" and the student enrols a few weeks later, they no longer get any more touchpoints.

Q. Can a student unsubscribe from one of these Workflows?

A. Yes. If your Touchpoints each have a condition of "Topic = Applicant Top Tips" and the student clicks the 'My Privacy Centre' link in any touchpoint and unsubscribes from that topic, they do stay on that Workflow, but immediately stop getting any more Touchpoints.

Q. Can an officer add a student to a Workflow without the student doing anything?

A. Yes. Find the Student's Record Card and manually add a unique tag like "interested-in-open-days-2022" and the matching Automation will start sending them that Workflow's Touchpoints.

Q. When preventing the Automation from running again, can I use any tags I like?

A. Yes. This example tag uses the Automation's ID, but you can use any combination of words and letters, ie: 'this-student-should-not-get-any-more-bookings-comms-from-the-workflow-'rap-bookings'.

Q. Can I add any Inbound Email (IEM) Enquiry to a Workflow?

A. Yes. Create an Automation that looks out for any IEM Enquiries with a special category such as 'Follow-Ups by Auto' (you can create as many Categories in ENQ as you like). As soon as your officer has matched the Enquiry to a student and assigned the category 'Follow-Ups by Auto' - it goes into RAP and onto your selected Workflow.


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