You can add a new person by using the ‘Add a Person’ button on the top right when viewing the ‘Contacts’ tab. This will bring up an empty form with fields to complete.

Most of the fields are self-explanatory, however, there are a few that require further explanation.


Tick this if the contact graduated from your Institute.

Student Reference

As with Alumnus, put the contact's old reference number here.

To build up better understanding of a person, you can add extra links to a person's card. Scroll down to the Links section and click add. Type in the name, eg "LinkedIn", then copy the URL. 

You can add an unlimited number of links to a person. When viewing that person’s record card, each one is a live web link that opens the link URL into a new window. 


This displays whether a person is still working at a particular organisation, so could be "current" or "No longer here". The latter status is used when you wish to retain the history with a person who has left an organisation, but not have your colleagues contact them, and exclude them from any Grabs.


As you start typing into this field, a list of existing Organisations will automatically appear in a drop-down list of suggestions. This allows you to assign the person to the correct organisation. The list also shows the address, so if there are two organisations with the same name, you can ensure you pick the correct one.

If no results appear for the Organisation, then you will be creating a new organisation at the same time. This can then be edited later.

The other way to add a person is from within the Organisation's record card. When viewing an Organisation, click the three 'more options' dots, and click Add Contact. This will bring up the same form as before, but the Organisation's name is already filled in. When saved, this Contact will automatically be added to that Organisation.

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