In the Contact Manager (CTM) app you store your Contacts (people) who work at Organisations (their employers). Also know as 'Contacts' & 'Orgs', each one has a record card that displays info.

This is the Org Card:

Org card features

  1. If you set up an alert it will appear as a welcome blue message that collapses to a flag and stays there until you need it again. (The example above helps you park when you drive to this school.)

  2. Under the Org's name you see the Type and Country for quick reference.

  3. On the right you see the green student avatar, and this example shows that they have sent you 2 students. See the Associations tab below to see the 2 students.

  4. Tags are great for building special segments. Add as many as you like.

  5. Rate each Org from 1 to 5 stars.

  6. Assign each Org to a User and/or a Team from your 'Users' app.

  7. In 'School URN' click the 'view on' link to see rich data on the UK Gov schools database. Try this link now to see:

  8. The corporate fields: No. of Employees, Turnover, SIC Code and DUNS No are all parked under a show/hide section to keep the look clean.

  9. At the top right you can see 3 little dots (the 'more options' menu) - and here you can: 'Add a Note', 'Add a Task', 'Add a Contact to this Org", 'Add a new Org', 'Edit this Org', 'Merge' and 'Delete this Org'.

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