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Contact Manager Permissions

See who can do what in the Contact Manager app

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Read-Only users can:  

  • View the dashboard

  • View the organisations list

  • View an organisation

  • Add a note to an organisation

  • Add a new note type

  • View the contacts list

  • View a contact

  • Add a note to a contact

  • View the document list

Read-Write users can also: 

  • Add an organisation

  • Edit an organisation

  • Add a contact

  • Edit a contact

  • Link a contact to an organisation

  • Add and edit tasks

  • Download a document

  • Add a document

  • Edit a document’s details

  • Delete a document

  • View the functions list

  • View a function

  • Add a function

  • Edit a function

  • Can invite people (the user must have access to Segments and Campaigns)

  • Add walk-in bookings

  • Download the list of bookings

Super Users can also: 

  • View the "Who has Access" tab

  • Add new drop-down list types

  • Add new tags

  • Delete a function

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