We provide dedicated CRM Sandboxes for any customer upon request, for a fee..

Each Sandbox is completely separate from the live Student CRM, and is provided to allow Customers to run tests in a safe environment without affecting any data or settings in their live Student CRM.

It runs a copy of the current Student CRM codebase on a unique URL, and includes a copy of the existing live settings (the University’s Faculties, Depts, Marketing Units, Apps, Occurrences, Courses & Subjects, Workflows, Touchpoints, Templates, etc). Please note that it does NOT contain any copies of your live web forms, so, to test a web form you will need to recreate it in your Sandbox.

Anonymised and personal data

During provisioning or resetting, any existing CRM user accounts are copied over from Live, but are only made available upon request to DH. Any student records copied over from live when the Sandbox is created have their personal data anonymised including: First name, Last name, Gender, Title, Mobile, Tel, Email, Postcode, Address lines, UCAS Personal ID and MIS ID. Any previously uploaded documentary evidence to support an application, and all historic communications are expunged. Internal keys between related records are however preserved.

Comms off or comms on

Student data subsequently created in the Sandbox (manually or from incoming test data feeds) does not get anonymised upon creation. The Sandbox maintains all the personal data exactly as entered, so it will contain a mix of anonymised old student records and personally identifiable new student records.

For this reason all Sandboxes are provisioned by default as ‘comms off’.

In the ‘comms off’ state no emails or SMS can be sent out to students (also no system messages can be sent out to users) however API responses still function.

To learn more about this, please visit the Development Centre.

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