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Test records for use in Applications and Applicant Open Days
Test records for use in Applications and Applicant Open Days

Use Postman to add test applications to Passive Applications

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Occasionally it might be necessary to create test or dummy applications in your Passive Applications occurrence (for Passive Applications there is no application form for you to complete as it comes directly from UCAS to your SRS to Student CRM).

For instance, if you are testing touchpoints or need to test your setup in Applicant Open Days, you may need to create test or dummy applications.

Ideally, you will add test records to your own SRS and they get sent via your current API connection into Student CRM.

However, if you are not able to add test records to your own SRS, we suggest using a tool such as 'Postman' to manually create a single or batch of test records.
โ€‹Get Postman for free here.

Using the documentation in the Developers Centre, and your establishment's unique API end-point and key, you can create applications and adjust them accordingly for your testing purposes. You can send test records into your live Student CRM or your sandbox Student CRM.

5 simple steps:

  1. Find the API credentials that Customer Support sent you (each occurrence of Applications will have different credentials).

  2. Connect to the endpoint using Postman.

  3. Manually create an application and submit it in Postman.

  4. It will then be queued for processing (this can take a few minutes, so be patient).

  5. Your manual application appears in Student CRM.

That's it. Done.

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