You've now prepared your data and started the Data Import process, so what's next...

Upload your data

The next step is to upload the data from your CSV data file into the CRM. To do this click the Upload Your Data button, then Choose File button and select your saved CSV file.

Make sure that the correct file is selected and click Next.

Examine your data

The data from your data file can now be seen in the CRM. This is your opportunity to inspect the data before the final import runs. Click the action magnifying glass on the first record to bring up the Inspect Record View.

This view lets you inspect each record in a tabular view. You can navigate through the records by using the Next/ Previous/ Last/ First buttons in the top right corner. 

Note: As you can import up to 10,000 records, only the first 100 are shown in the preview.

After you've examined your data, click Next.

Confirm your import

You can use the Summary screen to double check that the App, Occurrence, Event, Workflow and Record Count is correct, or just go straight ahead. 

Please read and confirm your understanding of the agreement message by placing a tick in the checkbox.
Click Import when you are happy to continue.

Processing the Import

Your Data Import has now started to process. This is represented by the rotating icon in the actions column. At the moment your data is processed approximately 564 records/minute but this may vary.

When the Import is complete the status changes to Finished.

You should also receive an email to notify you that your import has completed. You can click the link in the email to jump straight to the confirmation screen on the CRM.

Once the data has finished processing, take a look at the next steps.

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