UTM Campaigns are 100% hands-free; you do not need to set them up in Student CRM before you start sending UTM traffic to your forms.

Student CRM is always listening out for any UTMs that you use to drive traffic to any web form. Those UTMs arrive in Student CRM along with the student’s enquiry, booking, request etc.

Once they are in Student CRM they are either matched to an existing UTM Campaign (maybe one you sent traffic from yesterday) or a new UTM Campaign is created automatically.

If they match an existing UTM Campaign then the students are added to that one. Otherwise the students arriving are added to a new one. So, your media agency can create as many UTMs they like and you see them all in Student CRM.

Please note: Only UTMs appended to URLs starting with crm.student-crm.com or forms.student-crm.com will make it into the CRM.

By clicking on the Chart icon you can see performance of the UTM link over time.

You can see the UTMs a student has interacted with on their student log:

Or use Segments to find all students who have interacted with a particular UTM campaign:

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