UTM stands for "Urchin Tracking Module", and helps you track your campaigns within Google Analytics.

To activate, simply press "U" on your keyboard within the CRM to bring up the modal.

Step 1: Destination

Search for the Web Form you want to use by selecting the App and Occurrence, and select the single-visit form. If you want to track a multiple-visit form, enter the URL of the form in the "Own destination URL" field.

Please note: Only UTMs appended to URLs starting with crm.student-crm.com or forms.student-crm.com will make it into the CRM.

Step 2: Tracking

Here you fill in the values you want to track. There are five parts that you can track:

  • Source - This is where the traffic has originated from, for example an email footer, or a facebook advert.

  • Medium - This is how the traffic has originated, for example "email" or "social".

  • Campaign - This is a name used to identify the traffic, for example "summer-recruitment-2019" or "facebook-ad-a".

  • Content - This is useful if you have multiple links pointing to the same URL, for example "toplink" or "footerlink"

  • Term - These are keywords that someone may have searched for. They're used mostly with relation to paid searches. For example, "science+degree".

It's recommended that all values are lowercase, and you can only use alphanumeric characters, +, - or . inside the value.

This shows the final generated link. Here you can also click to copy it to your clipboard for easy pasting.

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