Used by marketing and recruitment teams to distribute approved email templates for use in campaigns and touchpoints.

Release your inner Picasso! You can build your own email templates and share them with specific members of your team to use across your recruitment campaigns. 

Upload images, add tables and control layouts like never before in our content editor. Clone templates, import from HTML and share beautiful email templates with your users.

Send yourself a preview direct to your inbox or securely share the URL with colleagues for their feedback. 

Build as many templates as you like and pull them into various email campaigns and touchpoints to add your content.

How to access Template Builder

Check with your User Admin to see if your university has got a subscription to this app:

  • If you have a subscription to this app, just ask your User Admin to add you as a user.

  • If you haven't got a subscription to this app, contact Customer Support and we will happily set you up a remote demo and answer any questions you and your team may have.

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